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Media Consultation Event: Refining the 2016 Brussels Declaration Towards New Ethics & Principles of Science & Society Policy-Making

12h50 – 13h20, Tuesday 26th July, ESOF Press Room

Science speaks to politics, policy and power precisely because it has evidence. But it must do so using ever more complex, contingent and contested knowledge. The views of media are central to this. Claim and counter-claim of 'evidence-based policy versus policy-biased evidence' are hardly distinguishable.

The number of stakeholders involved only grows, while the 'playbook' at the boundary of science and public policy is constantly being re-written, but by whom? The aim of this press point, chaired by Prof. Michel Kazatchkine, UN Health Envoy, Prof. Julian Kinderlerer, Past-President of the European Group of Ethics and Prof. Kathryn O'Hara, President of the Canadian Science Writers' Association, is to actively seek the inputs and views of media. 

The conclusions and novel recommendations of a five-year long experiment involving over 250 groups and networks worldwide, that ends in Manchester, will be detailed. Media are asked to help scrutinise and improve these findings: www.sci-com.eu

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