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Conference Start-Ups Igniting Inclusive Science & Society Engagement

Just as a pile of bricks is not a house, science without proper public engagement remains incomplete. This talk brings together key personalities behind 6 prominent science conference start-ups, mostly female. It spotlights new voices at the nexus of science and society from 5 continents.

Their aim is to collectively evidence how the phenomenal growth of ambitious public engagement events at national, regional and global levels reflects a more vibrant approach to co-creating policy between sciences, politics, civil society, academia, multilateral organizations and industry. What motivates them is facilitating science for citizens via more accessible STI hubs on our global stage. 

As conferencing moves center-stage to projecting influence through science, their niche is forging inter-multi-disciplinary collaboration across all sectors and societies. From Science Agora Tokyo and Science Forum South Africa to Euroscience Open Forum Toulouse, from the Latin American & Caribbean Open Science Forum and the Korean Science & Creativity Conference to the World Science Forum Jordan, these event champions gather at AAAS to promote new, pluralistic and creative spaces for collective thinking about the best tools, tactics and techniques for meaningful public engagement. 

Accepting that societal problems do not necessarily have purely scientific solutions, speakers argue that making real breakthroughs demands not only scientific discovery, but greater dialogue, diplomacy and inclusiveness. 

SciCom Partners:

  • Department of Science and Technology, Government of South Africa;
  • Center for Science Communication, Japan S&T Agency; 
  • UNESCO Regional Office for Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity (KOFAC);
  • Office of the UN Health Envoy; 
  • The Royal Scientific Society of Jordan;
  • CNRS France.
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