Organised by SciCom
Vancouver, Canada - Saturday, 18 February, 2012, 08h00 – 09h30

Exploding Myths on Reactor Security, Harm Reduction and GMO's

Session Description

This session explodes myths about the seldom seen science behind some of today's most controversial public policy issues. Case-studies will spotlight that crucial interface between science, policy and society vis-à-vis nuclear energy, crop innovations (GMOs), and harm reduction (tobacco). Accepting that societal problems are not necessarily problems with purely scientific solutions, speakers will argue that calculated risks are fundamental to realizing proven benefits. Fukushima or not, why is it so difficult to separate fact from fiction on nuclear reactor safety and waste management solutions? What are the known and unknown implications of innovation in biotechnology and genetic engineering? Is tobacco harm reduction the greatest public health imperative today or is quit or die enough? Their common cause will be to demonstrate that innovative science is ever more prevalent and important.