• Science Diplomacy

    Science as a universal value and bridge for prosperity is a core concept at the heart of SciCom’s brand of science diplomacy.
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  • Science Politics

    The role of science diplomacy will differ according to the specific context and stakeholder we engage with.
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  • Scientific Arena

    Where global science becomes a foreign policy issue for states, science diplomacy plays a significant role in complementing or assisting formal diplomatic or international civil servant channels of negotiation.
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Just as a pile of bricks is not a house, science without proper public engagement remains incomplete. That is why SciCom is dedicating its blood, sweat and tears to promoting conference start-ups that genuinely believe in igniting conversations about the role and usage of science in our global society..

- Aidan Gilligan, Founder & CEO, SciCom – Making Sense of Science.

The Addictions: Regulating Risks Challenge

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Who we are Championing evidence-based policy above policy-biased evidence. +

International Consultancy

communicating science

image Forging partnerships within the governmental and non-governmental sectors. +

Building Bridges

between stakeholders

image Helping to generate new thinking to move science forward with public support. +

Scientific Integrity

is core to SciCom's identity


SciCom – Making Sense of Science

"In a world where science hides in plain sight, permeating every aspect of our daily well-being, the importance of accurately communicating its benefits and risks has never been as important”.

We are an international company and consulting practice dedicated to delivering solutions to communicating the most challenging science. Read more...


Our Clients & Partners

SciCom forges partnerships within the governmental and non-governmental sectors between groups interested in sharing pertinent experiences of real-life support to policy-making. We spearhead activities that raise the bar of understanding for science worldwide. We build bridges between stakeholders and provide thought leadership to effect lasting change. Read more...


Scientific Integrity

SciCom is very selective about who it works for and on what topic. Scientific integrity is core to its corporate identity. It does not lobby or trade on its associations or try to influence the science it is helping communicate. Our suite of services add essential value to the communication activities undertaken by science or trade ministries, the in-house science services of international institutions, or the delivery teams of flagship global conferences. Read more...


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